With Cerec we are now able to make crowns, bridges, implant crowns, veneers and inlays in-house and in a single appointment. In most circumstances we condense what used to be three appointments into one.  And this appointment is quite relaxed and stress free.  Fewer visits is more convenient for you but also means that there’s no two week period where you have to be careful with that temporary crown.  The advantage to me is that I have complete control over every stage of the crown construction process, thereby producing the best result for you.  Anyone over 35yrs would likely benefit from Cerec.

Cerec itself is evolved technology and not new.  It started 30 years ago with the computerised milling of blocks of ceramic that at the start produced inlays with less than optimum margins.  Over the last few years, the accuracy of these has improved to be as good as anything the best labs currently make.  This was the main reason I chose to invest at this point in time.

With Cerec, you will not need to have impressions/moulds taken when you have that crown made. Omnicam is a video scanner/recorder that captures the data used to construct the crown - This is just like me showing you your teeth with my intraoral camera. 

Also released recently are new materials for Cerec which can be used as thin as gold but are tooth coloured.  Many of you will have had gold crowns made by me and know the advantages for this - now we have an alternative material.  It has margins as good any porcelain crown.   In many cases these margins and the shade match we can now achieve are so good that we can leave these edges above the gum line where they are more easily cleaned, and even at the maximum convexity of your tooth such that we retain as much of your tooth structure as possible, while still protecting your tooth from further fracture.  An example of this is in the photo above, of a crown we made in June 2015.

Cerec is a Technology by Sirona, the German company that made our treatment centre, OPG and Intraoral Digital Xray machines and sensors and our autoclave.  It is by far the most advanced, supported and developed platform for digital dentistry available today.

With assistance from Sirona in New Zealand and Australia, I made three trips to the Sirona Centre for Dentistry in Sydney in 2014 to learn about the use of these machines.  In February and May 2015 I made trips to Arizona, USA where I completed Levels 2, then 3 and 4 with CerecDoctors, the acknowledged world leaders in Cerec education.  I have come back from this very enthusiastic and confident that I can provide you with the best result possible.


Cerec 4.31 with Omnicam

Cerec Crown

Crown Margin