Leong Goh B.D.S.  Dentist

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After 27 years at Pakuranga Dental with Denis Woodward, I moved my portion of the practice to DentalCare Pakuranga in October 2013 after Denis retired.

When I created the original pakurangadental.co.nz site in 2003, I published treatment philosophies I had developed since around 1987 when we were one of the first practices to become computerised.  Over the years it has become obvious that these philosophies work.  Staying in the same area for virtually all my practicing career I’ve had the advantage of seeing first hand what works and what doesn’t, long term and in the same patients.  When it came time to remove the Pakuranga Dental website I found it difficult to delete these pages - they are the philosophies that I use every day and I truly believe that they work ...... hence the creation of this site......

Since then I have found that the site is a great way of keeping our patients updated with the happenings at our practice. 

“Providing quality care includes good communication between dentist and patient.  We ensure that our patients understand the reasons for recommended treatment, treatment options, preventive options, costs involved and any other information specific to their needs.”

“While our emphasis has been in providing quality care, we have backed this up by investing in new technology at the appropriate time.  We have been computerised since 1987.  Our patients were among the first to benefit from intra-oral cameras in 1995 and since 2000 our patients have benefited from the use of Digital X-rays.”  In 2013 we updated to a Digital OPG Xray, and in 2014 we invested into Cerec Digital Dentistry, probably the best and most exciting decision I’ve made in my career.  More here

“Born in England, Leong has lived in New Zealand for over 40 years.  With parents speaking different dialects of Chinese, Leong was brought up in an English speaking home in Tuakau and does not speak much Chinese. “

“Leong was educated in New Zealand and graduated B.D.S. from the University of Otago in 1983.  He spent 1984 practicing in Tokoroa, and has been practicing dentistry in Pakuranga since 1985.  His emphasis is on patient education and preventive dentistry.  His thoughts can be found in “Philosophies””

“Leong’s interest in computers and technology from the late 80’s has been very useful in implementing “new technology” within our practice.  Other interests include cars, motorcycles, tropical fish, motorsport, photography, and gardening when family time permits.”